Yosvany Y Su Son Tropical

(l-r Bill Baker, Valerie Cordero, Jim Gately, Heather Hayes, Yosvany Cordero, Alexis Serrano)

About the group

Yosvany y Su Son Tropical has been electrifying audiences with Cuban traditional music and other Latin styles since September 2013. Formed by Yosvany Cordero and his wife, Valerie, the band has performed at festivals, schools, restaurants, and live venues across Greater Nashville and developed a following of Latin music enthusiasts. In addition to playing Cuban traditional son and bolero, Yosvany y Su Son Tropical’s repertoire includes salsa, bachata, cumbia, and kizomba.

Bill Baker (bass): Bill has played bass in Latin, bluegrass, and rock bands. He has toured across the Southeast.

Valerie Cordero (maracas, vocals): Valerie comes from a musical family and has a Ph.D. in ethnomusicology from UCLA. She has been traveling to Cuba since 2004. Valerie and Yosvany live in Nashville with their son.

Jim Gately (guitar): Jim relocated to Nashville from Boston where he obtained his Bachelor’s degree from Berklee College of Music. Jim has been playing guitar for over 12 years.

Heather Hayes (violin, vocals): Heather has been a musician for over 40 years. Her musical talents and interests are wide-ranging, including performances in choirs and chamber orchestras, musical theater, the pubs and streets of Dublin, and the London Underground. She lives in Baxter, TN with her husband and pets.

Yosvany Cordero (percussion): Yosvany is the founder of Yosvany Y Su Son Tropical and is a professional percussionist from Cuba. Read more about Yosvany here.

Alexis Serrano (guitar, vocals): Alexis is an avid guitarist and singer whose expertise crosses several Latin genres. He is a native of Cuba.

David Vila Dieguez (tres, vocals): David, a native of Spain, has been performing live since the age of 14. He has toured the UK and Europe and received a Bachelor’s degree in music from The University of East London.

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Band at Salsa Restaurant